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Tokyo Meiko CIT Clinic offers comprehensive medical consultations tailored to cancer patients.

For cancer patients, based on your medical reports including imaging reports (eg. CT Scan), pathology reports, blood reports, genetic reports, etc., as well as the treatments you are currently receiving, we will design a plan using targeted immune cell therapies that suits you.

Upon purchase of the consultation session, our staff will contact you for your medical reports and arrange for a half-hour video consultation with Dr. Lam. The session can be utilized within a year of purchase.

Cancer treatment
My mission involves crafting personalized treatment plans for cancer patients, which includes administering personalized immune cell therapy using cutting-edge technology. I prioritize treatment efficacy, minimizing side effects, and drawing from a wealth of treatment outcomes. Alongside immune cell therapy, I also offer lifestyle advice and recommend adjuvant therapy. As a team we are committed to providing every patient with comprehensive support and care to achieve optimal treatment results and quality of life.

Cancer is a disease driven by multiple genetic mutations, complicating prediction and treatment selection. The unstable nature of cancer tumor genes leads to constant mutations, especially when they are treated by chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or radiotherapy. These mutations can confer drug resistance, rendering previously effective drugs ineffective. While staying updated on genetic mutations and treatment developments is crucial, affordability and patient tolerance to side effects remain significant concerns.

Moreover, cancer cells can proliferate rapidly due to genetic mutations, as I vividly recall from observing cancer cells doubling within 24 hours in laboratory culture. Though cancer cells in the body may not replicate as quickly, their resilience should not be underestimated. For instance, breast tumors can double in size within 40 days, and I've encountered cases where ovarian tumors doubled every 1 to 2 weeks.

Given the unpredictability of cancer, even when tumors seemingly disappear with treatment, tiny undetectable tumors may persist. These residual tumors are likely more malignant and pose greater challenges upon growth. Hence, our approach emphasizes the complete elimination of tumors swiftly to achieve disease control and prevent the need for more aggressive interventions later. Here at Tokyo Meiko CIT Clinic we are committed to optimized care that addresses the unique circumstances of each patient and maximizes the likelihood of long-term disease management.

Dr. Queenie Lam, PhD

Scientific director at Tokyo Meiko CIT Clinic



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